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Eugene Robinson, is a polymath in the best of all possible ways,  jacking all trades and mastering a ton.  While his articles have appeared in GQ, The Wire, EQ, Harp, Plan B, Grappling, the LA Weekly, Huh, Vice Magazine, SF Weekly, Raygun, Code, Decibel, Art  Forum, Corporate Computing, Highways, Mac|Life, Hustler, Hustler's Busty Beauties,, and a handful of European music magazines, Robinson is also a habitue of stage and screen.

Scoring appearances with the likes of Bill Cosby, director Gus Van Sant, interviews with Chris Rock, Laurence Fishburne, Samuel  Jackson, and an MTV-style TV show on Germany’s Viva TV (the aptly titled "Eugene Robinson Show"), and going on to work with Lydia Lunch, Richard Kern, Marianne Faithfull, Henry Rollins and Steve Albini, the 6’1”, 235 pound Robinson, former bouncer, 1998 CAAT Heavyweight Men's Sanshou champ, 2nd place overall and 1st place divisional 2003 California Submission Fighting champ, is no stranger to confrontation. His chapter in O’Reilly’s Traveler Tales series on Death [penning a chapter on southeast Asian knife fighters], as well as his brief appearances in Feral Press' Apocalypse Culture and Susie Bright's The Best American Erotica, marks him as a dangerous and compelling read. Always.

In 1982 began publishing The Birth of Tragedy Magazine, a seminal art journal that featured interviews with Rene Girard, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Manson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Nick Cave, Anton La Vey, Russ Meyer, and many others.
In 1985 was considered for a Guggenheim Fellowship.
In 1986 was a Chesterfield fellowship finalist.
In 1987 The Birth of Tragedy Magazine Spoken Word compilation was  released. The year 1987 also saw on-screen film for Columbia Pictures, a series of spoken word performances with Exene Cervenka, Wandy Coleman, and Lydia Lunch.
The year 1989 saw the creation of OXBOW, the rock art brut quartet as well as continuing performances with the band and on screen as an actor on popular television shows, commercials and independent films.
Solo appearances in 2003 saw him perform at the Taktlos Festival in Berne, Switzerland, Bristol, England and London in 2004.

Not So Quiet On The Western Front – Whipping Boy 1983
The Sound of No Hands Clapping – Whipping Boy 1984
Muru Muru – Whipping Boy 1985
The Third Secret of Fatima –Whipping Boy 1987
Fuckfest –OXBOW 1990
King of the Jews – OXBOW 1992
Let Me Be A Woman – OXBOW 1994
Serenade in Red – OXBOW 1995
An Evil Heat – OXBOW 2002
Love That's Last - OXBOW 2006
The Narcotic Story – OXBOW 2007

Side Projects/Guest Appearances
Dead Kennedys
DJ Rupture
Xiu Xiu
This Side of Jordan
The Manatees
Strings of Consciousness
Old Man Gloom

Leonard Part 6 – Columbia Pictures 1987
King of Love – ABC TV 1988
Midnight Caller – NBC 1989-1990
Las Apassionadas – MTVs Liquid Television 1993
Gearbox – Propaganda 1995
Music for Adults 2004